Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets And Tricks

Psst! Want some celebrity weight loss secrets and tricks? Why not accelerate your weight loss by using some shortcuts and secret tactics? Or do you want to stick with jogging and situps… yawn.

I’ll show you how to make weight loss faster and more fun.

2 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets & Tricks

1. Hula Hooping

Yep, a cheap $3 hula hoop will help you to lose weight and tone your waist and hips area big time. If you want a belly dancer’s type of body, this is the exercise to focus on. Do it for 10 minutes a day.

I personally do it during 2 minute tv commercials. Each 1 hour tv show has about 22 minutes of commercials. So I can get a lot of working out done while still watching tv and saving time from having to drive to and from a gym. As an added bonus, these little mini-workouts actually boost up your metabolism a lot better than 1 longer workout.

2. Hindu Squats

Forget squats with weights on your back, do this faster, no weights version of squats.

What you do is squat up and down as fast as possible while you either swipe or touch the ground with your finger tips. This insures you went down far enough. You’ll want to do 100 repetitions within 5 minutes. When you can do that with no problems, increase it to 200 repetitions in under 10 minutes.

This works great because it creates a massive oxygen deficit which forces your body to burn off bodyfat for quick energy.

Along with spinning around in a circle like a kid, which you can learn about in my free 19 page report below, these are 2 celebrity type weight loss secrets and tricks that’ll get you faster weight loss in less time.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets!

More than trying to discover where the lost treasure of the pirates is, what people really want to know is that singular weight loss secret that allows them to indulge in whatever they want to eat and still lose weight drastically without even lifting a finger. It is better to swallow the truth pill now, than to keep on searching for a secret that doesn’t exist.

It is true that there is no such weight loss secret that will shed all those pounds which you have carefully put on yourself without an effort put in by you. Nonetheless, there are some healthier choices that you can make in life which are not as difficult as hitting the gym for an hour for intensive training. Still these choices won’t make you lose weight instantly; you are, however, going to notice a gradual change in yourself which is not only apparent from the outside but from the inside as well.

A weight loss secret is nothing but a true realization of facts that we had known but tried our level best to keep them buried inside our subconscious. We know what kind of food and beverages are wrong for us and yet we still consume them; similarly when we go shopping at grocery stores, we are mostly aware of what we should be buying and yet we don’t. Unless we start acting on what we believe is right, there is no fun in trying to lose weight or to search for a super weight loss secret.

Here are, however, some general rules of weight loss that one should follow before beginning a weight loss program.

• Remember to keep smaller and more realistic goals. Don’t aim at losing 15 pounds in two weeks; instead your goal should be 1 ½ to 2 pounds a week. This way the task will not appear to be daunting and it is not going to put you off just after a couple of days of working out or dieting.

• Try to make one healthy choice per day. If you used to do a lot of unhealthy snacking, switch it to small healthy meals, like munching on a handful of nuts or eating fruits full of fibre that give you a fuller feeling for long.

• Never try to skip breakfast as a way of losing weight sooner. Not only will you not lose weight soon, you will start gaining weight back and make yourself lethargic. This is because when we starve ourselves, the body switches on to emergency mode as it is not sure whether this starvation is self-imposed or forced upon. The first thing that the body will do is slow down the metabolism in order to reserve whatever energy it can. When the metabolism slows down, the individual becomes unable to burn fat and use up calories. So give yourself a hearty, but healthy, breakfast to keep your body fueled up for the rest of the day.

The Weight Loss Secret That You’re Probably Screwing Up

As many of you probably know, I’m in the middle, well not the middle, but the beginning stages of the P90X Workout Program. You can read all of the posts in the P90X category if you wish, but this post has a different goal.

I want to let you in on a weight loss secret that all of the people out there who have had success with weight loss and getting in better shape have mastered. This may be the single thing that is keeping you from being in the kind of shape you want to be in, and I absolutely mean that.

It’s not about some magic exercise. It’s not about some magic food. And it’s not about some magic supplement.

The Right Frame of Mind is Vital to Successful Weight Loss

It’s about the way you think each and every day about your life. It’s about avoiding rationalization. You see, we all have the built-in natural tendency rationalize why we can do certain things. For example.

“I worked hard all day, so I don’t have to mow the grass when I get home.” – Think like this too long and your yard ends up a foot tall and you have to pay someone to mow it.

“I got a lot done today, so I don’t have to do as much tomorrow.” – Think like this too long and you’ll get into the habit of never getting anything done.

“I’ve been eating really well lately, so this pint of ice cream is ok.” – Think like this too long and you’ll eventually be eating nothing but junk.

I have seen multiple nutrition and weight loss programs fail not because they were poorly designed, but because the people couldn’t fight the urge to rationalize their habits. You can’t allow yourself to rationalize why you have poor habits if you want to succeed not just in weight loss, but in life.

If you think that because you have had some small success that you are now entitled to go back to the way things were (which probably got you to the point where you’re at now) you will absolutely fail.

Now don’t get me totally wrong here. There’s nothing wrong with working really hard for a week and then rewarding yourself with a “cheat meal,” but you must be 100% disciplined about it. You must stick to it. You cannot allow yourself to fall into the trap that most people fall into.

Why We Rationalize and How to Beat it

Why does this happen? Why do we rationalize? Because we need a “reason why” we do the things we do, but most of the time those reasons why are detrimental to our lives, because most of the time they’re making us more lazy.

If you say to yourself, “I worked out today, so I’m going to have this cheeseburger,” that’s not getting you anywhere. That’s just erasing all of the hard work you put in with your workout. You might as well not do anything at all if this is the way you think. You’re coupling positives with negatives, and that means NOTHING for progress.

Eventually you’ll get into the habit of over-rationalizing. You’ll think because you ate that cheeseburger yesterday and it was “ok” that you can do it again today. Then you have an over abundance of negatives.

This is exactly how people fall off the wagon.

The Key to Being Successful With Your Weight Loss

To be successful with weight loss, you must be disciplined enough to resist and overcome your rationalizations.

Instead of coming up with reasons why you can eat junk food or be lazy or whatever, you should be thinking about how to turn your positive behavior into more positive behavior.

For example, you should say to yourself, “Hey, I worked out today, so I’m going to reward my body for it’s hard work by eating healthy, and then I’m going to do it again tomorrow.”

“Hey, I got a lot done today, there’s no reason I can’t work this hard every day.”

This way you’re following up positives with more positives and you WILL make progress each and every day.

This one thing is what separates the successful and healthy people from those out there who struggle with health and weight issues every day.

The key to fighting rationalization is the AWARENESS that you are doing it. If you catch yourself saying something to yourself to rationalize a poor behavior, think of what that poor behavior might lead to if you keep it up, and think of what you can do to turn that rationalization into a positive.

Weight Loss Secrets Worth Sharing

Obesity is a huge problem in the US alone. It is said that almost 50% of the adult population are obese. Quite alarming, don’t you think? If you are part of this statistics, you have to start thinking about your health and aim at becoming fit. Here are weight loss secrets that you might be interested in knowing.

Do you want to know a secret? Did you know that everything else starts in the mind? No matter how you control your eating or how much you exercise, if your heart and mind is not in sync with what your body wants, you will have a hard time losing weight. Your efforts will fail if you do not put your mind into it.

One of the most important weight loss secrets you need to know is that all successful weight loss journey starts and ends in the mind. It is a decision to make a lifestyle change. Losing weight is a decision that you have to be firm about. No matter how much willpower you have, it will still fail along the way if you are not determined to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Now that you are aware about how much the mind can control your destiny, so to speak, here are some of the most common factors that define your weight loss quest.

  • Detoxification is very critical. Unless harmful toxins are flushed out of your system, you’re never going to lose weight successfully. So detoxify, you need it.
  • Avoiding saturated and trans fats is a must because these can cause inflammations that can hinder the weight loss process. Sources of safe fats are nut, fish, avocados, olives, and seeds.
  • Sleep yourself to weight loss. Sleep and rest are essential factors when you want to shed off excess pounds. A good 6 to 8 hours of sleep is perfect when you want to lose weight. Doctors believe that the growth hormone which is essential in achieving lean body mass is produced while you are asleep.
  • Stress is also a contributing factor to your weight gain. Make sure that you stay away from stressful situations and circumstances. Stress increases the release of the hormone cortisol which in turn triggers blood sugar to shoot up. As a result, insulin levels are increased. Mood swings often result to food cravings to ease stress and change one’s mood. Identify things that cause you to feel pressured and stressed out and try to avoid them.

You might also be interested in knowing this little secret – this relates to how your mind works. Have you noticed how hard it is to begin dieting and then as you go along, it gets easier and easier? It is always hardest at the beginning. You have to deal with the pressure and the difficulty during the first few days, but when you get past it, it will just be a breeze.

You have to learn to play with your mind. Create a mantra that you recite every day, soon enough your mind will be in sync with what your body wants and needs – this is one of the most important weight loss secrets you need to know.

10 Weight Loss Secrets to Get Toned Abs

Here they are. The 10 weight loss secrets never before heard to help you get toned abs, and get them fast. OK not really. As if there really were only 10 proven weight loss secrets that no one has ever thought of before. The truth is, there are many ways to getting the body and the toned abs you have always wanted. The three things to remember the most are to work out your ENTIRE body, eat a balanced and nutritious diet, and practice proper sleeping habits. The fat in your stomach is actually a representation of your total body fat. To get the toned abs you want, it is all about losing the fat throughout your entire body.

Aside from those three fundamentals of weight loss, here are 10 secrets to keep in mind in your quest to get toned abs and a better body.

1. Eat breakfast – Establish your eating schedule early in the day and get your metabolism going. By eating breakfast, your body’s metabolism gets going early in the day so that you can burn more calories throughout the day while you are active. If you eat your biggest meals late at night when you are less active (sleeping) your body will not burn the calories. Also the more you eat earlier in the day, the less likely you are to eat later in the day.

2. Work out early – Whether it is a full-blown workout or just a morning walk, getting up and moving early actually gives you more energy throughout your day and gets your body working.

3. Cut the coffee – A tip that will lighten yourself and your wallet! Try substituting juice, milk, or – you guessed it – water instead of your calorie-filled latte.

4. Do not neglect lifting weights because you “don’t want to get big and strong” – Building muscle is actually the best weight loss secret and for every pound of muscle in your body you actually burn 50 more calories per day.

5. Don’t be afraid to sweat – Try pushing yourself and let yourself sweat. You are not trying out for the world’s strongest man competition, but that weight is not coming off by sitting on the couch either. If it were that easy, no one would need to lose it

6. Eat slower – It takes your brain about 20 minutes to recognize that you are full. The lesson? Eat your meals slower so that you can recognize that you are full before piling on. Drinking a big glass of water before meals is also an effective way of curbing your appetite.

7. Correct your habits at the grocery store – A simple idea. If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it. Try by cutting out just one bad eating habit at the store.

8. No more pop! OK a soda every once in a while is not a terrible thing. However, cutting just one (one!) soda a day for a year can save your body more than 3,000 tablespoons of sugar. That’s 3,000 tablespoons of sugar that takes your body a lot of energy to dispose of.

9. Take the stairs – You have heard this one. Simple substitutions in your daily habits can go a long way towards little improvements in your body. Parking farther away, doing calf raises in the shower, or lunges in your hallway all help you lose weight.

10. Play with your kids and your dog – Have fun with your family and your pets! They are always active so be active with them! Weight loss does not have to be boring, you know!

Remember these 10 weight loss secrets and practice healthy living. If you put your body (and your mind!) at work you really can get the toned abs and total body results you have always wanted!

Best-Kept Weight Loss Secrets-Do You believe This

My mother always used to say there were no weight loss secrets. “It’s simple! You just put less in your mouth and get off your fat backside a bit more often!” She always did have a way with words, my Mom. But she was only partly right because, some overweight folks I know are very active and are extremely careful with what they eat, yet they still seem to carry the extra pounds despite it all. Then there are those twigs of society who can’t put on an ounce no matter what they eat. My sister’s a bit like that. Honestly, I’ve seem more fat on a cold chip.

Because of the way modern society portrays who we are and how we should look, there’s an awful lot of pressure on individuals to buy into the slimming game. The problem with this, is that even skeletal people think they’re fat, and for them to loose extra pounds in darn right dangerous in some cases. It wasn’t so many years ago, that shop mannequins had a bit of meat on their plastic but even these are a flat as a carpenter’s board these days.

But all this aside there are growing problems in western societies, not only with overweight adults, but we’re seeing a lot of heavy kids around nowadays, and this is really not good. But it all starts with the adults, in particular Mum & Dad. The kids tend to feast on the same stuff as their parents do, so it’s little wonder we’re facing a major crisis with child obesity. So what are the weight loss secrets that we all yearn for? Perhaps my mother was right and we are becoming a donut munching generations of couch potatoes!

There are always new claims to weight loss secrets, but a true secret is about as probable as a cure for male pattern baldness. If there was a cure-for-all with regards to hair loss, then we’d never see another bald head in our lives (unless through choice of course!). Same goes for weight loss secrets. These can better be described as weight loss plans and there are many of them around, some better than others.

Many folks are so desperate to shed those pounds that they go to extremes. Weight loss pill, lipo suction, having the stomach stitched etc, but these really are last resort measures and all possible alternatives for weight loss should be checked out first, as some of the above mentioned can be potentially dangerous.

The secret to successful weight loss lies with you. Or my mother! Which is not really a secret at all. Despite all the fancy diets and eating plans, there is only one tried and tested method that has never really gone away, and that is to eat smaller portions, and get plenty of regular exercise. Of course, eat healthily too. If you cut down to say having 2 double cheeseburgers and large fries instead of your usual 3, well, it’s not really going to help much is it. Additionally, if you embark on a new and healthy eating plan and regular exercise regime in the spring time, but decide to slump back into the couch and return your old eating habits during those winter months, then you may find you will put on more weight than you’ve ever had before.

Weight loss is just a beginning, but weight maintenance is the solution for a new and slimmer you. Not only will you feel great but you’ll look good too. If you’re one of those folks who just can’t seem to get real slender, then perhaps you’re supposed to be a little on the large size. We are all different shapes, weights, and heights, and if someone carries a little extra meat on their bones, but are fit and active regardless, then perhaps the secret for happiness is to simply lose what you can, accept what you can’t, and know the difference.

Forget a lifetime of chasing the next weight loss secret and trying to look like string bean. Just concentrate on being you and enjoy who you are. A healthy mind is a healthy body and when you have both, you become naturally active (which is part of being human), and active people are happy people.

Search Results

For centuries people have been looking for weight loss secrets, but never as much as we have in the past fifty years. Lifestyles have changed so much and so fast in these past years that obesity or being overweight has been a problem for virtually everyone at some time in their lives. This problem is so bad that it is now affecting children and it is time to uncover some weight loss secrets.

The big secret to weight loss is that there are no weight loss secrets. All the information you will ever need is all out there in the open. There is no “Holy Grail” of weight loss, all we have to do is open our eyes and want it badly enough to make it work. Healthy eating, healthy living and healthy lifestyle all contribute to the biggest weight loss secrets.

Changing eating and exercise habits to lose weight is the only way to lose weight. This does not mean counting every calorie and going to the gym twice a day, it quite simply means not sitting in front of the TV watching soap after soap, while munching on a pack of potato crisps. It means switching to an exercise channel and joining in a yoga class, then snacking on a small bowl of popcorn. Or taking the dog for a walk with a fresh crisp apple to snack on when you get tired and want a rest.

It also means getting healthy, when you feel healthy you are always able to do more. Obese and overweight people are very prone to illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. There are some very effective natural remedies that improve these illnesses and effectively promote weight loss. For instance, do some online research about the Acai berry and supplements, this has been called the new super-food and could just prove to be your weight loss secret.

Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Can Be Found in Their Desire

Perhaps you have looked at celebrity weight loss stories in the past with an envious eye. You might think that you could stay super trim too if your livelihood depended on it. The truth is you can learn a valuable lesson from celebrity weight loss secrets that you can apply to your own life.

Yes, celebrities clearly have a compelling reason to eat right and push themselves at the gym, for many of them their paycheck depends on the shape of their body.

I have spoken with many people who look at this as an unfair advantage that stars have over the rest of us but I want to tell you that the weight comes off of their bodies the same way it comes off of yours and mine, through effort.

The true celebrity weight loss secret can be found in one place – desire. It is there desire to stay fit so they can get roles and it is desire that will move you into action as well.

Desire is the start of action, it is what allows you to enter this weight loss journey. You can capture your desire just like the stars captured theirs. Now granted, your desire to lose weight might not be tied to getting a starring role in the movies but there are things that are vitally important to you that will motivate you to lose weight.

I like to have my clients create a long list of reasons they want to lose weight. This is a great way to uncover hidden but powerful reasons that weight loss is important for you. I suggest you take a pen a tablet and begin listing reason after reason.

What you will likely find is that the first 5 to 10 reasons are things you have thought of before and that are important but don’t pack a tremendous amount of desire, however, by the time your list reaches 15 or more you will start to uncover deep, heart-felt and emotional reasons why living at your ideal weight is so important.

This is how you can build your desire like the stars. Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets can be found in their strong desire and your weight loss success can be found in your own personal desire, discover your hidden desire by writing out all the reasons you want to lose this weight.