Trying to Get Some Nicer Abs

I was at the gym today and I worked out for a good hour and a half with this guy. He is not my trainer, but the two of us are trying to push one another. Of course I have been thinking about the fact that the weather is going to be turning soon and the girls will be hitting the beach. This guy was showing me a review of the metabolic fire supplement, he is always looking for something and he tries all sorts of stuff. Some of it seems wacky and dangerous to me to tell you the truth. Of course I am looking for the same sort of thing, only I wonder what you can believe. » Read more: Trying to Get Some Nicer Abs

Jillian Michaels Top Diet Weight Loss Secrets Program Causes Her Contestants to Win Biggest Loser

Jillian Michaels’ advertisers are spending millions revealing her top diet and weight loss secrets. You’ve seen her image plastered on the TV screen, on AOL, and in emails and advertisements sent to you daily. You’ve heard about this popular fitness guru on radio and through online ads when you type in her name on Google or Bing. More of Jillian’s top weight loss diet secrets are being revealed even as you read this article. But are this diet expert’s methods worth all of the hype?

Let’s look at a few of the results that some of Jillian’s students on the popular TV program, the Biggest Loser (from the 9th Season called “Couples 3″ on May, 2010) have achieved just in this past season and then judge for yourself.

There were originally 22 final contenders in the final season’s episode and they were all hoping to win either the $100,000 prize and/or the $250,000 prize. Out of the 19 contestants who were eligible to win $100,000, the winner (who was actually not even voted to be in the finals), won. Koli Palu is his name and he had weighed 403 pounds, but using Jillian Michaels’ expert and tested weight loss diet secrets, he is at this time down to 188 pounds, after achieving an amazing 215 pound weight loss. The pressure was intense for him and he missed his family, but his persistence and dedication to following Jillian’s weight loss plan paid off.

Another contestant, Shay Sorrells, competed in Biggest Loser: “Second Changes Season 8″. Subway was following Shay’s progress and was offering her $1,000 for every pound Shay might lose after the finale. Shay went from 304 pounds down to 252 pounds and Subway was out of $52,000. Jillian Michaels’ program worked well for Shay too. Her fame isn’t over though as Subway has offered her a chance to double the $52,000 if she will train and participate in a marathon by the conclusion of this year. If she keeps following what she has learned, it would seem that this would be the continuation of a dream of a lifetime for her.

The three grand prize contenders for Season 9 Biggest Loser title were Ashley Johnston (was 374 pounds and is now 191 pounds: a 183 pound weight loss), Michael Ventrella ( weighed an amazing 526 pounds and is at this time 262 pounds for a total weight loss of 264 lbs!), and Daris George (weighed 346 pounds and is down to 178 pounds – a 168 pound weight loss). Congratulations goes to The Biggest Loser Couple 3 winner, Michael Ventrella, age 30, from Chicago, Illinois.

Although you would need to order Jillian Michaels’ programs to find out her weight loss diet secrets, a few of them are obvious. Her dedication to improving lives is evident when you listen to the contestants tell about their successes. They seem to adore this weight loss guru because she took on their cause. In addition to being there emotionally for them, she continues to push them hard physically. When they want to quit, she is there urging them on, stressing that they can do it and helping them to picture how they are going to look in the future. She stresses the benefits emotionally and physically of what the weight loss is going to do for their lives and their families lives. She doesn’t stop until her contestants reach their goals.

If you need to experience some of the same successes, find out more about Jillian Michaels and her weight loss diet secrets, great tips and advice from top weight loss diet secrets in the resource box. It’s obvious that she has proven season after season, that with her methods and motivational skills, she can take even the most obese folks who seem like they’ve no hope and assist them change their lives. Her programs can be found readily online and can be used in the comfort of your own home.

3 Common Mistakes and Fast Weight Loss Secrets

Everyone seems to think that losing weight is so easy, just limit the amount of calories that you eat and you will lose weight. For those of us who are overweight or who have been overweight before, we understand that sometimes it isn’t always that easy. There are many underlying causes for not being able to lose weight. Whether it be a sluggish metabolism from years of dieting, genetics, or emotional eating, there are many reasons that a person may be unable to lose weight effectively. This article will list 3 of the most common mistakes and secrets for making your weight loss journey more successful.

Secret #1) Stop Setting Unrealistic Goals!

The fastest way to lose motivation is to set unrealistic goals for yourself before you even begin your weight loss program. Make sure to set small goals for yourself to achieve, such as losing 5 pounds this month or 1 pound this week. Remember that each small goal you achieve will bring you closer to weight loss success. If you set unreasonable goals, you will only set yourself up for disappointment when they are not achieved. Even when you are making significant progress in your weight loss goals, you could sabotage your weight loss.

Secret #2) You’re Not Getting Enough Water!

If you think you are, you’re probably wrong. Everyone has already heard that you should drink 8-8 oz glasses of water daily, but there is a little know fact that most people are unaware of. For every 25 pounds of excess weight you are carrying on your body, you should drink at least one additional 8 ounce glass of water. This is to maintain optimum hydration of your body. There has also been some debate about whether you should drink the water warm or cold, the consensus is still out on this. Most experts seem to believe that drinking cold water is better for weight loss efforts.

Secret#3) You DO Need to Eat Breakfast!

I know everyone has already heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and its true! Skipping breakfast means that you are programming your brain to think that you are starving. This will cause you to feel lethargic and tired, and when you have finally had enough you may decide to embark on an eating binge. This is nothing short of suicide for your weight loss program!

By avoiding these mistakes and following these secrets, you can start seeing results in your efforts to lose weight. Be consistent and make them part of your lifestyle and success in your weight loss program is assured.

The Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets

It seems one of the main celebrity weight loss secrets is moderation. Many celebrities do actually eat unhealthy food, but because they have enough time on their hands they can work out for a few hours each day. With this in mind they can reward themselves by eating their favorite foods in moderation. A lot find that trying to stay away from carbohydrates only made them crave them more. With a good healthy diet filled with salads and a lot of exercise celebrities manage to keep the weight off while also indulging every now and again.

One of the top Hollywood celebrity weight loss secrets is not drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or taking drugs . Many celebrities will appear in public at a heavy weight and then drop it in a few months for an appearance or magazine shoot. When they do not have anything coming up most of them take a break from the workouts and the diets which is why their weight can change so much. So when they do have work on and need to get trim for an appearance, how do they lose weight so fast? The answer is simple. Hard Work! Many will hit the gym with their personal trainers and will carry out a range of exercises including jogging, power-walking, weights and cardiovascular work.

Many experts have pointed out that such dramatic shifts in weight are not good for the body. There are many celebrity weight loss secrets which probably work but how bad is it for your body? I would recommend a sensible diet of fresh foods, limited fat, carbohydrate, and sugar intake and plenty of exercise. Exercising regularly will burn fat and calories so you should make sure you eat enough to keep your calorie intake up without starving yourself of vital nutrients.

Successful Weight Loss Secrets – What You Need to Know

Access to successful weight loss secrets is what differentiates between the vast majority of people who desire to lose weight and those who actually lose weight!

Perhaps the greatest hurdle most people face on the issue of weight loss is that of getting started. You would be surprised to know that most people who are looking to lose weight are so clueless as to how to go about it! So, if you are among the vast majority who struggle with where and how to start, this article is for you and you are about to learn a few important tips that will not only help you get started but will ensure that once you do, you will be on a steady footing towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Whether you are looking to lose 5 pounds or 20 pounds, the information in this article is guaranteed to make you look inward and the tips in this article are going to be of help to you.  

The first and by far the most important step towards successful weight loss is to set some goals. Setting goals is a way of erecting milestones by which you can monitor your progress and accomplishment. If you do not set goals, there is every tendency that you will deviate and drift and eventually accomplish very little. Setting goals for weight loss is extremely important because without them, you cannot determine how much weight you want to lose and how much work you need to do to accomplish that goal.  

It is therefore essential from the onset that you look inward and ask yourself the following questions:

1.  How much weight you want to lose?

2.  Within what time frame do you want to lose the targeted weight?

It is important that you write your answers to these questions out and so that you are continually reminded of them. The ideal thing would be for you to stick paper posts of your goals in as many conspicuous places as possible so that you are reminded to work towards the attainment of the goals on a daily basis. Remember to stick your goals in the kitchen and refrigerator door since these are the easiest means by which your goals can be truncated.  

Closely related to setting goals for your weight loss efforts is setting achievable and realistic goals. Whatever the goals you set for yourself, if they are unrealistic, the chances are that despite your best efforts they will not be fulfilled.

It is advisable that you set attainable goals no matter how little and work towards extending the frontier as you meet the smaller goals first. That way, you can start small and work your way towards your ultimate weight loss destination.

Remember that every unrealistic goal you set for yourself and fail to meet, the more disillusioned you tend to be and the harder it will become for you to lose any meaningful weight.  

Remember to set smaller goals for yourself within your major goal and as you work towards attaining the smaller goals, you will find yourself achieving the bigger goals eventually.

This is the foundation of all successful weight loss secrets!

Discover Weight Loss Secrets

If you are searching for weight loss secrets you are not alone. With over sixty-two percent of Americans being overweight, it is no wonder that everyone is looking for a secret to losing weight. The problem with this mentality is that there are no secrets. Weight loss is about limiting the amount of calories you take in and performing enough activity that your body must use some of the fat stores to perform body functions. Since there are no real weight loss secrets, this article will give you some tips to lose weight effectively.

The first thing you should try to figure out is you Basal metabolic rate or BMR. Simply put, this is the amount of calories that your body uses on a daily basis for ordinary functions such as breathing. A rough estimate of this amount would be your weight multiplied by 10. You can get a more accurate idea of your BMR by using a BMR calculator. You can find one for free by simply searching on Google for BMR calculator.

Once you determine the amount of calories your body uses for vital functions, you will able to see how many calories you should deduct to achieve your weight loss goal in the quickest way. If you deduct 500 calories per day you would lose about 1 pound per week. You should also include additional calories for your activity level. Never limit your calories below 1,500 per day. It is recommended that you do not lose more than 2 pounds per week after the first month.

This article gave a couple of tips to lose weight effectively. There are no real weight loss secrets, but hopefully the ideas included in this short article will help you in the process.

Best Weight Loss Secrets – 2 Simple Tips to Lose Tummy Fat

You might not be aware, but its not as tough as it seems to trim your tummy fat. Contrary to popular beliefs, to achieve your weight loss goals you don’t need the assistance of supplements or spend hours and hours at the gym. The following weight loss secrets can easily help you trim unwanted belly fat.

1. Eating healthy is half the battle: unbelievably, the way to lose belly fat is not by doing hundreds of crunches everyday. losing the junk food in your diet and choosing healthier foods will take you a step closer to your fat loss goals. There are actually three advantages of following a healthy diet:

- By planning your meals and snacks before hand, it leaves a lot less room for those ”forbidden foods’
- Your metabolic rate will be given a boost and you will burn fat faster.
- Junk food accumulate toxins in your intestines though out the years, eating healthy will get rid of those toxins.

In place of the junk food, you should eat raw fruits and vegetables. If you are unable to eat raw, stay away from the fried, instead, boil them! Regulate the amount and types of oil you use, if you do your own cooking. Less oil means you will be burning the tummy fat faster.

2. The other half; exercise: Alone, dieting is a good way to lose weight, but its a slow process. To speed up the weight loss process, exercise regularly. Not all exercise routines are suitable for quick weight loss! To get rid of that tummy fast, you must do ‘specialized’ exercises such as cardios.

Simple activities such as running or walking are considered cardio. Dancing, or even swimming are also great ways to exercise. These activities boost metabolic rate by involving the entire body and increasing the heart rate to burn those calories.

Burn off more calories than you consume, and that will cause weight loss. One pound of fat contains approximately 3,500 calories. To lose 1 pound a week only requires you to burn 500 calories more than you consume a day, which can easily be done.

Weight Loss Secrets – The Truth and the Myth

Let me guess – you’re looking for some juicy weight loss secrets, right?

The internet is filled with literally reams of pages telling you some secrets that will make you shed your weight…as fast as losing 13 lbs a week! BUT get this; all of these weight loss secrets are pointless unless you nail down hard one of the most important things to make yourself slimmer and healthier.

That ‘thing’ is to believe in your capabilities and have faith on the “how to lose weight fast” program that you have. Combine that with a positive attitude and you’re sure to lose weight fast with a decent strategy.

Let me show you how to develop that positive mental attitude that surpasses any collection of weight loss secrets.

One of the BIGGEST reasons people fail to shed their weight is that they have no goals or objectives to set their sights on. And even if you have a goal, chances are you’d still fail. One goal is NOT enough to keep you motivated to lose weight fast.

Your strategy should have 3 goals in it – (1) a short term goal covering the next week or two (2) mid-term goal, which should last about 1-6 months and (3) a long term goal that extends to a year or so.

So you already have 3 goals? Excellent!

The next step to take is to clearly…vividly visualize where you want to be and what your figure would look like after achieving all of the 3 goals.

Take a look at your current situation, and ask – what are the steps you can take to improve your situation? Are you taking the steps needed to make yourself healthier and slimmer? Is it truly your focus? Or is switching to another secret and program after you have find another secret? Are your family and business life making it hard to shed off those pounds?

It’s all in your mindset. If you have the proper and positive mental approach, your goals will be within an arm’s reach. BUT if you’d constantly think pessimistically, no matter how many weight loss secrets you have you won’t achieve your goals.

You’ll see a group of people who can go talking for hours about how great their life is. But upon closer look, the very same people have gone through innumerable obstacles. Yet they didn’t allow these hindrances to floor them.

In the end, their positive mental attitude and determination to do whatever it take in their “how lose weight fast” goal prevailed.

Don’t let the friend’s and colleague’s taunts affect you. A successful shift from a negative to a positive mental will let you to the world in an optimistic light. Not to mention, mentally, you have achieved your lose weight fast goal.

So every morning, when you get up from bed…close your eyes and see that slim and healthy figure of yours in a not-so-distant future.

Have that positive mental attitude within you and you’re sure to shed your weight and get better results than any weight loss secrets could give.

Weight Loss Secrets For Women – 5 Proven Real Life Dieting Weight Loss Secrets For Women That Work

A lot of people have sincerely good intentions when they give out advice such as diet suggestions, for example.

The unfortunate aspect is that sometimes that kind of advice does not fit very effectively into our lives. As you well know, just about all people are extremely occupied and consumed by personal and work-related responsibilities.

The bottom line is that we merely need to get accomplished what we can. With dieting, the best manner to approach it is to do your very best to find great information that you can apply to your own situation.

So, the question is: what are the real weight loss secrets for women that work in practice?

Now, this may come as a surprise, but: There are many dieting techniques that are common, but do not make the mistake of ignoring something that appears like it is old and ineffective. The reason for that is people include different information on the same subject.

Here’s one of the biggest weight loss secrets for women:

You need to know about the importance of eating your meals more frequently during the day.

Quite a few women tend to think that if they eat very few meals, they’ll automatically lose weight. Here’s the problem: What you tend not to use, as energy, gets turned to fat – period. You can actually help your metabolic rate to become more rapid by using this technique of more meals during the day – but fewer calories in each meal.

Now, related to this first (and probably one of the biggest weight loss secrets for women), here is:

The second big weight loss secret for women: avoid boiling your fresh vegetables when you cook them, instead find a means to steam them until ready to eat.

There are plenty of food steamers on the market and priced sensibly well. If you want, it is doable to find small wire racks that are built for placing in a pot and steaming foods. Such a device is simple however performs very well for steaming. Steaming is very healthy due to the food maintaining much more of the vitamin value. Boiling veggies makes them too soft, and so steaming stops that from taking place.

The third of the weight loss secrets for women is of course exercise and how to fit it into your busy daily schedule:

If funds are tight for joining an exercise club, then just know you do have other possibilities for getting physical exercise. No need to shell out big bucks for a great gym unless you want to do that.

Physical exercise and doing something is what is essential, and you can do that for free of charge. Do not overlook walking since you can really get exceptional results from it. Check out the net and you will see so many great routines you can do at home. Group exercising can be fun, and that is an option for you and many people you know. You can make it a formal plan whereby you gather for your physical fitness workouts. It is incredibly simple to find a physical exercise or many that you are capable of doing on ones own.

The fourth of the weight loss secrets for women is how to eat out without feeling like a freak when poking at a plate full of lettuce leaves whilst your friends are tucking in:

One of the nice treats for all of us is eating our favored foods at a nearby restaurant. Well, as you know you are in store for a gut busting experience as a result of the dinner sizes. Super size it seems to have turned out to be a staple in our day-to-day lives. It is just plain not good for you to ingest so much meal in a single sitting. The smart approach is to eat your standard amount of food, and then just take the rest home.

If possible, see about having a children’s menu and order a more regular size meal. You would be surprised at the effect our eating practices have on increasing weight or trying to lose it. So many of our habits are ingrained and done while not much notion at all. Try to cultivate awareness of your eating practices each and every day, and that will help you make positive differences.

Whilst we’re on the topic of eating habits:

Here is the fifth, and probably the biggest weight loss secret for women of them all: eating slowly and chewing often: we’re all very busy, and especially when you have young children at home, it often feels like it’s near impossible to just sit down for a moment and eat your meal in peace.

As a result many women tend to eat too quickly, and don’t give their stomach time to realize that they’ve eaten enough. And before you know it, you’re eating more than you really wanted to, which usually of course results in increased weight, but also increased stress and feelings of guilt.

Now, all of these secrets are great starting point to losing weight successfully. However, in addition to these secrets, there are also many pitfalls.

Many women use resting metabolic rate as the starting point for their diet. They use an RMR calculator to find out how many calories they think they consume during the day, and then simply count the calories in their meals to consume around 500 calories less than their body burns up.