Trying to Get Some Nicer Abs

I was at the gym today and I worked out for a good hour and a half with this guy. He is not my trainer, but the two of us are trying to push one another. Of course I have been thinking about the fact that the weather is going to be turning soon and the girls will be hitting the beach. This guy was showing me a review of the metabolic fire supplement, he is always looking for something and he tries all sorts of stuff. Some of it seems wacky and dangerous to me to tell you the truth. Of course I am looking for the same sort of thing, only I wonder what you can believe. » Read more: Trying to Get Some Nicer Abs

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Revealed – A Little Known Weight Loss Secret That Encourages You to Cheat

There is a little know weight loss secret that actually works by speeding up your metabolism and that secret is to learn how to add a strategic cheat day to your diet week. This article shows you why this works and how to go about it.

When you get on a diet to lose weight you likely restrict your calorie intake and keep it low in hopes that your weight will continue to drop. The problem with keeping your calories at such a low level is that your metabolism takes a nose dive and this makes burning fat virtually impossible.

The secret is to give your metabolism a much needed boost on a weekly basis and the wonderful way to do this is to overfeed your body. This convinces the body that there is plenty of food available and brings your fat burning potential almost up to normal levels.

This strategy has been tested in both the lab and in real life dieters and proven to create weight loss on a steady basis week after week without reaching a plateau.

To incorporate this cheat day into your diet you will want to follow a strict low calorie diet for 6 days of the week and then on day 7 satisfy yourself with any and all of your favorite foods: pancakes with syrup, pasta, pizza even a burger and fries, any food is okay.

Your body will hold on to some water weight for a couple of days but research shows that your metabolism boost happens quicker than your body is able to create fat from your cheat day and you will be lighter on the scale by the end of the week, each week.

This little know weight loss secret is the solution you have been looking for to give you fast weight loss without the deprivation.

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Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan – Find Out the Truth About These “Weight Loss Secrets”!

Are you needing a rapid weight loss diet plan because you cannot lose weight? Need yourself to lose 30 pounds? Turning towards a quick weight loss diet plan might not be the best answer. They claim to have all weight loss secrets available to provide you with quick weight loss. Fact of the matter is, low carb diets aren’t a great approach if you are trying to lose weight.

The average weight loss diet plan would definitely contain tons of low carb diets. The reason these type of diets do not work is because they are way too strict and hard to follow. You cannot lose weight with this diet plan because it absorbs too much energy from your body.

Another diet plan that doesn’t work is a low calorie diet. Low calorie diets can be considered as starvation. This will slow down your fat burning engine in your body and stop you from losing weight. This is the worst approach possible if you are trying to lose 30 pounds.

Since you cannot lose weight by these diets, then how can you lose weight? Well, you lose weight by eating healthy(not starving yourself) and tons of exercise. By eating healthy, I mean you can still eat the foods you love but you need to have limitations. You also must eat the right foods at the right times of the day.

Since these so called weight loss secrets have been exposed, the best way to lose 30 pounds would be with an great online weight loss guide or program. They should contain perfect information including a good eating schedule, great exercises and cardio to help you lose weight quickly. Don’t turn to a rapid weight loss diet plan because they will get you nowhere fast!

5 Amazing Weight Loss Secrets That Help You Eliminate Cravings

There is new research about cravings and these new findings have led to some amazing weight loss secrets that can have you back in control of your snacking and overeating. This article shares 5 amazing weight loss secrets that will help you eliminate your cravings.

1. Sniff peppermint. A university study showed that people who sniffed peppermint throughout the day ate 2,800 calories less per week. The secret, apparently the strong scent drives your attention away from the craving.

2. Clear your palate. When you have a taste of a craved food you will likely want more, you can simply clear your palate by drinking a glass of water or brushing your teeth, this removes the taste in your mouth and diminishes the desire to eat more.

3. Avoid getting too hungry. Being overly hungry lowers your resistance to the craving and leaves you vulnerable to grabbing the first available snack.

4. Never eat the craved food by itself. There will be times when you allow yourself the treat but before you take the first bite have an extra snack that is healthy such as veggies and dip ready to eat. You will not eat as much of the treat.

5. Walk for 15 minutes. This is how long researchers found that people must exercise in order to “forget” the craving.

New research has given us some wonderful insights into how cravings work and this insight has led to some amazing weight loss secrets that you can now use to help eliminate and control your food cravings.

Weight Loss Secrets

Weight loss secrets are little known tips and tricks to help you lose weight. Do you know a weight loss secret that has actually worked to help you lose weight? Here are a few tips that people claim have worked for them.

  • Every little bit counts. Substitute low-fat milk for cream, diet instead of regular margarine, zero or low-calorie soda or flavored water for calorie laden soda. Make this part of your regular routine. Don’t do this only when you’re on a diet. All those little calorie cuts add up.
  • Check the label. Before eating that unhealthy snack, check the label. For many people, this in itself is a deterrent and you’ll find yourself either passing it up for something healthier or at least eating a much smaller portion.
  • Eating out trick. When eating out, ask for a take out box and pack up half your meal to bring home. Put half of your meal in the take out box before you even begin eating. A lot of people will eat whatever you put in front of them when in reality they’ve already eaten enough to be comfortable if they only ate half that much.
  • The paper towel trick. Before eating a slice of pizza or a burger, blot the pizza or the burger patty with a paper towel or napkin. You’ll be amazed at how much grease is removed and, of course, calories also. I’m sure you can think of other foods to use this calorie reducing weight loss secret.
  • Fast food trick. Order the kiddie meal instead of a whopper or quarter pounder and fries. The kiddie meal will fill you without feeling stuffed and who really needs countless extra calories?
  • Pasta trick. Substitute whole grain instead of regular pasta. As well as being healthier for you it also fills you up faster which results in your eating less.
  • Water trick. Drink a glass of water before eating a meal. It’s good for you and will help fill you so you’ll eat less.
  • An apple a day. Make sure you eat an apple (or two) a day because studies have proven they aid in weight loss. In addition, they’re full of fiber and down right good for you.
  • Brush your teeth. To stop evening snacking, instead of brushing your teeth right before you go to bed, brush them earlier in the evening. Most people will refrain from eating after they have brushed their teeth for the night. For late night snackers, this is a very effective weight loss secret.

The Chinese Weight Loss Secret Revealed

Have you heard about the Chinese weight loss secret? Maybe you have heard of this, but a little more attention may make you familiar with this even more.

Everyone knows that obesity is a major problem in America, and probably the most that any obese person can do is to deny it. But for someone who heeds for his health and life, he may consider various methods of losing weight.

Being overweight has something to do with one’s lifestyle-food and amount of activity. Therefore for you to get perfectly in shape, you have to modify this aspect of your life.

In this article, you will know the craze about Chinese weight loss secret, one of the most popularly effective ways on how to get rid of extra pounds. You will deal with food, exercise, and medicine, the Chinese way.


Chinese cuisine has always been renowned for its health benefits. It mostly consists of fish, tofu, a humungous amount of vegetables, and very small quantities of meat. But it’s not just about what they eat that makes them fit. It has something to do with how they cook these. Chinese weight loss secret reveals that they cook it very, very quickly in high temperature, which preserves the texture of the food, and at the same time, preserves the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it contains.

They also consume a large amount of tea in their diet. Some clinical trials done at some universities in Geneva and Birmingham revealed that certain teas can increase metabolic rates and hasten the rate at which calories are burned.


Another Chinese weight loss secret that is surely effective is exercise. But what kind of exercise do Chinese people do in order to maintain their weight? Martial arts are very famous. But did you know that nowadays, it is already being combined with the Western aerobic exercise?

Spencer Gee, a Chinese Kung Fu expert, created his workout plan that combines Kung Fu and other Asian martial arts with aerobic exercises. Not only is this workout available for men or women, but also for children. A total of 700 calories are shed off of you per session, and in two weeks, you can see awesome results.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Acupressure and acupuncture are also part of the Chinese weight loss secret. There are pressure points in the body, which when punctured, increases the metabolism of the body, decreases cravings, and improves the over-all function of the digestive tract.

Would you believe that not only Chinese people recognize the effectiveness of these methods? Dr. Charles Schwartz uses little acupressure beads in his so-called Accu-weight-loss program. These beads are placed at the back of his patients’ ears and in other pressure points. He also tells his clients to have a diet without carbohydrate-rich foods, and makes them eat fruits and berries only. That’s a bit of the Chinese weight loss secret and some variations of it, right?

Now these are just among the deepest secrets of Asian people shared with you. But for you to gain that perfect shape, it entails more dedication.

3 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets You Need to Check Out

Obviously there must be many celebrity weight loss secrets that famous people use to get in such incredible shape, right? I mean, they can’t possibly just eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis to get in such good shape – there’s no way there can’t be some kind of celebrity weight loss secret they’re not telling us about.

Well, sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Some celebrities are smart, some are just plain stupid – which you’ll see in a few seconds.

Let me give you 3 celebrity weight loss secrets anyway, straight from the mouths of the celebrities, as well as my opinions on them.

1) Eliminate Red Meat – Eva Longoria mentioned that to lose weight after people thought she was pregnant, she simply replaced red meat with fish. That’s it. The reason she did this is because it’s harder for the body to digest red meat than it is to digest fish, which is true. However, I personally think it’s more of the fact that the fish (depending on what) probably had less calories.

2) Emaciation Diet – Colin Farrell did one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. In order to get really skinny for the movie “Triage” he did nothing but drink Diet Coke and coffee while eating nothing but 2 cans of tuna per day. This is extremely unhealthy and obviously a desperate attempt to lose weight. Just goes to show you that not all Hollywood actors are smart. At least throw some veggies in their Colin! However before I write him off as being stupid, I have share that he admitted he knew it wasn’t healthy while he was doing it.

3) Gotta Love Seth Rogen – Seth Rogen is one of my favorite actors and he’s actually doing a very “normal” weight loss regime of eating healthier and exercising with a “brutal” trainer. The funny thing is, he doesn’t even like being skinny. According to him he thinks it will take about 3 hours to pack the weight back on after the movie is over.

Here’s my advice.

Stop trying to find celebrity weight loss secrets and simply eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. There are a lot of celebrities who go on crazy diets to shoot movies, then gain it all back within a few days. Although some celebrity weight loss secrets actually work, usually they don’t work for long period of time!

Forget about celebrity weight loss secrets and focus on learning new weight loss tips that fit your lifestyle – that’s the best way to lose weight.

Search Results

With modern society garnering more and more people inactive in their daily lives, it has been established that we are having a worldwide obesity problem. This problem, through life, creates many medical problems that you don’t see in people that have learned to control their weight. That’s not to say that only people that are not obese have medical problems, but those that learn how to lose or manage their weight, find that they have a better sense of energy, timing, and health. There are millions of people learning amazing weight loss secrets, and establishing better eating habits that reverse fat production and increases natural, consistent weight loss and maintenance. You don’t have to be a gym rat to lose weight either, you just need to commit yourself to a short plan and after seeing results in as little as 11 days, you’ll know that you’re on the way to a successful lifestyle change.

Sure, you’ve heard a lot of pitches about weight loss, and a lot of commercials talk about amazing weight loss secrets, but a lot of them hinge on crash diets, starving yourself, or elimination carbs and calories that leave your body without essential nutrients and energy. This is not one of those opportunities, and to prove it, the makers of Weight Loss for Idiots ask for only 11 days. Within 11 days you will see distinct changes in your body and feel a lot better. That’s less than two weeks to a thinner you. You won’t find another plan that guarantees success of this nature, because most plans take upwards of three months of consistent work to start seeing results. That’s right, you won’t have to wait three months to start seeing results, you’ll just have to invest 11 days.

If you don’t have 11 days to invest, then maybe weight loss management isn’t for you. However, if you just give it less than two weeks, you will see results. How are these secrets managed? The secret is shifting calories through specific days and routines. By shifting calories to different days, you’ll manage your metabolism, spiking it to burn fat at appropriate times. This is an important thing to realize in your quest to amazing weight loss secrets. Shifting calories doesn’t mean you’re not eating well, you’ll love food again and eat appropriately, and you will just shift the way you put food in your system.

Millions of people struggle with weight, and many have lost hope. This is a unique plan of action for those that are looking for better options than simply running marathons, starving, or eating heavily processed pre-made microwave food. You’ll eat what you love, and enjoy life in a way never thought possible while losing weight. It can not be stressed enough that weight loss doesn’t need to be a complicated endeavor, because this process is tailored made for people that have lost hope. No other plan will help you lose and manage weight in such a short time, without sacrificing taste and quality.

And as I always say “STOP THE POP” Soda pop not only increases your chances of getting diabetes, but the carbonation eats away at the protective lining in your colon, and if you drink Diet Pop the sugar substitute, Aspartame, is made from wood alcohol which is known to cause Migraines.

Extreme Weight Loss Secrets You Could Try Out

If you’re looking to lose a lot of weight in the shortest time possible, I’m going to show you some extreme weight loss secrets that people actually do to lose tons of weight fast. (typically 10 to 20 pounds per month)

Before I dig into it, let me warn you that this is for educational purpose only. Consult with a doctor before you try this diet out.

The first extreme weight loss secret is people who go on the “Apple peel diet”. What is it? Basically all you do is eat apple peel for a week (or month)

Why would you do this?

Because Apple peel contain some chemicals that detoxify your body — and somehow in the process helps you lose weight. Now imagine eating nothing but Apple peels for a week or even a month.

Could you handle that diet?

Because some people have pulled this off for a month! Damn, that’s crazy.

Not only they’re on the Apple Peel diet, but they exercise at the same time. So imagine 500 calories a day diet plus exercise. Extreme weight loss? I think so.

So it’s common for them to lose 10 to 25 pounds a month. Of course this is not healthy and there are better alternatives than this … but if you’re curious on extremely weight loss secret, this is one of them.

Of course, there are other variations of the Apple Peel Diet, such as the orange peel diet. (Hah, sounds original, huh? But I bet orange peel don’t taste that good)